D.C. Jack Repair


One of the biggest problems with today’s laptops is a bad DC jack. This single point of contact feeds your computer with all the electricity it needs to charge the battery and to power its every day functions.

The problem is, after plugging and unplugging your power cord over and over, this jack can come loose or break off all together. But, we can help. The DC jack on most laptops is easily replaceable and just needs a professional solder job for proper installation.

Once in the shop, your laptop will be tested to see if the issue is believed to be the DC Jack. After this, our staff will locate a jack that is an exact match to your make and model laptop. Once this part arrives, we disassemble the laptop, clean the motherboard, and complete a professional solder job to install the new DC jack. Finally, we will reassemble the entire laptop and test the functionality of the new part.